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Initiam Capital embraces all partner disciplines, offering professional investors unique opportunities, investment security, and unparalleled investment opportunities through Private Fund structure offerings.


Investments are made into designated sub funds/SPVs which predominantly comprise of structured products using Swiss based issuing banks, and thus investing into one of the safest jurisdictions in the world. This enables accredited and institutional investors an opportunity not previously accessed outside of Switzerland through the Initiam Group's banking partnerships via our inhouse FINMA regulated financial advisor. In summary, Initiam Capital, with the assistance of a Private Fund operation, its analysts, and its bespoke marketing company, are able to offer a fresh investment approach into the global investment marketplace, across all risk levels within the alternative investment space.

  • Initiam Capital Mission: To offer investment into Swiss bank issued structured products underpinned by the strongest financially regulated and creditworthy banking institutions in the world.

  • Initiam Capital Solution: By using Swiss issuing banks to underpin the security of the created structured investment offerings, Initiam Capital put themselves at the forefront of the professional investment market with limited competition.

  • Initiam Capital Competitive advantage: The use of Swiss based investment products coupled with links established with their appointed Swiss based asset management company, gives the Initiam Capital the edge in offering safe, transparent and solid investment routes that are unsurpassed especially given the current global economic uncertainty.

  • Initiam Capital Market focus: Initam Capital only engages with professional or accredited investors and advisors through its established 20-year investment relationships.

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