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Commodities & Mining

Asset-Backed Financing

Initiam Capital have extensive funding capabilities enabling them to assist their clients in maximising their asset value using varying financing options to borrow against your asset held in storage. It principally allows reinvestment into your own existing operations or take full advantage of mitigating risk through one of Initiam Capital's trading programs via international exchanges.

Sale and Purchase

The traditional route of selling your asset that is either held in security or from directly mined assets is managed by the Initiam team with their carefully created, international network of sophisticated buyers from financial institutions to governments. Our aim is simple, to offering a tailormade service to a select number of asset owners. 


Initiam Capital's core business is trading and analysis and when utilised within the commodity sector, creates a powerful hedging tool for asset owners to mitigate their potential risk against transportation, market price fluctuation or liquidity. 

Commodity trading via international markets is certainly not embryonic, it is however the understanding of it from a core perspective that allows Initiam Capital to provide a true, tailor-made service to their clients

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