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Property Development Investment


I-IP specialise in providing and managing properties for professional and accredited investors via our extensive panel of property experts. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible investment solutions tailored to every investor and to excel on customer service.

Property Services

I-IP | Initiam International Property  is a forward thinking acquirer of distressed SPV developments that use carefully selected funding partners to complete and create yield for and on behalf of its consortium members. I=IP offer a range of supporting services that will assist in the management and growth of their investments

Special Purpose Vehicles

SPVs are widely used as a means of securitisation for property based financial products. In development and construction, SPVs are legal entities set up for a specific purpose to isolate risk. They are designed to prevent adverse risk being transferred to or from the owners of the SPV, the operations of which are limited to the acquisition and financing of specific property assets.

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