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Commodity Monetising Brochure 

Initiam Capital and partnering bank service offer an asset backed commodity financing provision using both conventional and digital methodology |

Download the brochure below for more information

Image by Adam Rhodes

The Digital Exchange Brochure

The Initiam Capital digital exchange service provides an easy and professional exchange service for the exchange of digital for FIAT, FIAT for digital or digital for digital currencies |

Download the brochure below for further information


Art Monetising Brochure

Initiam Capital, with its partnering bank finance and also purchase conventional art using both sophisticated banks and a private art purchasing network | Download the brochure below for more


The Traditional Prop Trading Brochure

The Initiam Capital Trade Team utilise the experience and analysis of over 60 years' worth of experience within the traditional equity, commodity and currency marketplace with outstanding results.

Download the brochure below for further information

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